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"Love is a flower, you gotta let it grow" – John Lennon


Jess Woodward,


As any bride can tell you, planning for a wedding is ridiculously stressful. With unlimited possibilities and decisions to be made, it can be overwhelming creating your vision.


Asking Rebecca to do my flowers became the keystone to my wedding. I love flowers, but had no idea what tone
I wanted to set with them. Rebecca patiently sat down with us, mapping out our layout, discussing what colors brought us joy, and even thought to ask about our style.


The whole process was a complete joy.
It felt like I was her student as she invited me to come to the flower shop to smell, touch, and discover the flowers that I would choose for the bouquets, arrangements, and fill in pieces. I now have a new appreciation for the art of floral arranging. 

Chad Gluckson 
Irene's Austin Founder

I wildly adore Rebecca.

Her arrangements at Irene’s continue to knock me out.


My Grandmother, Irene, loved fresh flowers and I am beyond grateful to Rebecca for bringing heartfelt arrangements each week to be placed under her picture. Irene would have loved Rebecca’s spirit and Sundry Modern Florals.”

Lori Whidden,​

Workshop participant

My intention of attending a workshop with Sundry Modern Florals was simply to spend quality time with my sister and
a few friends.


What I was not expecting is how much
I learned about the relationship between textures, colors, and space, and how these critical pieces play an important role in the outcome of a successful floral arrangement.


Not only was the workshop a perfect way to giggle with my girlfriends, Rebecca's instructions were clear and easy to absorb, making it easy to implement
in the arrangements I have created
since then.

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